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Re: DaemonTools No CD Audio

I have a Soundblaster 16 (CT2230) and I too have been looking at getting game CD audio working through Daemon tools 3.47 to play some retro games. To get this to work correctly is proving difficult. You need the Daemon tools virtual drive assigned with D: drive letter to start. You can then mount an …

Re: ISA or PCI sound card?

in Milliways
So far the CT2230 plays DOS and Windows games perfectly upto and including later Windows games like Unreal Tournament... why even bother with the SB Live! PCI card? Here are a couple of reasons, excluding 3D sound support: PCI sound cards generally have less self-noise than their ISA counterparts …

Re: Fastest CPU Descent 1 can handle?

For anyone still wanting to play Descent 1 at a playable speed, MoSlo works great - http://www.hpaa.com/moslo/ http://www.hpaa.com/moslo/v15/moslo15.exe Save it somewhere and change the command line on the moslo exe. I use the following C:\Software\moslo\moslo.com /50 /m2 C:\descent\dcntshr.exe This …

Re: ISA or PCI sound card?

in Milliways
Very old post I know, but why even bother with a PCI soundcard in Windows 9X if you don't care about '3d audio' (which I don't) I had a Soundblaster Live! (CT4760) installed which was fine for Windows gaming but DOS and anything in Windows which required Soundblaster 16 emulation was terrible - …

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