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SB Awe32 Upgrade Card - Goldfinch! CT1920

So I just bought this card off ebay for my 486, I have a cT2910 in there. Looks like this card is a AWE32 MIDI portion of a AWE32 and can be paired with other cards, there are a few reference posts on here but they are > 10 years old. As I understand it the J1 connector is intended to go to a …

Audigy 2 ZS Drive Plate?

Anyone have a spare Audigy 2 ZS drive cover they would be willing to donate (Canada)? If I recall, they would ship with both black and white then you decided which to use. I just got one in the mail but now it's cracked. Not bad enough for me to give up on it, but certainly not as good as I'd like. …

Best Windows XP Sound Card

I'm planning on building a XP gaming system, for those games that just didn't quite make the jump to Win 7. So far I'm thinking based on research that I7-47XX processor, 4GB RAM and Geforce GTX 260 for my video card. GTX 260 does PhyX and the 47XX with the appropriate chipset will have Windows XP …

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