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Re: EGA DOS benchmarks?

This is what I'm thinking, 8bit EGA is always slow, regardless of CPU speed, EGA Prince of Persia on an 8bit EGA is a slow game, regardless of whether it's on a 8088 or a 386. My thinking is that high Res EGA games was just very compromised games and never a great experience - you probably have …

Re: EGA DOS benchmarks?

I'd be really interested to see how EGA cards perform in 16bit, 286/386/486 computers that the CPU runs much faster than the bus to see how they perform. I built my own 10MHz 8088 pc and was a little disappointed with the performance of games using the EGA card and assumed it must be the CPU, but as …

PC Review back issue request from 1995, might be #44 or #45

in Milliways
Hi all, I have a fond memory of a 3D game construction engine that was given away with the UK magazine PC Review sometime in 1995. Looking at the pictures of the issues I can see at archive.org and other sites, I think it was either issue 44 or 45 as a kid hey are missing and I regonised the others …

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