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Is anyone currently living in Germany?

I just moved to Frankfurt from Hong Kong and several kind users along the way helped with advice on packing, storage and shipping questions. Unfortunately, due to forum restrictions, I am unable to respond to a couple of these users. So my question is: is anyone currently living in Germany here?

Re: Any Germans Here?

This is quite the necro bump but my new thread would be called exactly this anyway. I just unpacked my container into an apartment in Frankfurt. Are there currently any (more) Germans (or users based in Germany) on Vogons? Curious to see who is around for a beer, up for sharing of advice and / or …

Re: New forum suggestions/Feedback

Is there a way to reply to users who have not reached the minimum post count in order to receive private messages? A few months back, I was looking for advice about relocating to Germany and bringing my collection with me and received some useful advice from a user whom I can not reply to via pm. …

Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

For anything but retro builds I’m all in on custom loops in ITX cases with an under volt / overclock on the CPU/GPU. They are not for the faint-hearted and you are almost guaranteed to come across at least one leak or forgotten step somewhere along the loop the first few times you try. I’m now on my …

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