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Re: 3DMark 1999 does not run setup on Windows 10 x64

in Windows
I just found this thread. Unfortunately it doesn't work for me (I'm trying to run the program on WinXP 64 bit). It starts, but then just sits in the memory with 7-8 MB usage and nothing appears. Tried Win95/98 compatibility, copied the DLL with no luck. The integrated ATI ES1000 "card" supports only …

Re: Access NAS share from Windows 95 OSR2

Edit: I did forget - please never let old Windows machines connect to the internet (a pure retro LAN is fine). Especially without a supervision. It's grossly negligent. People behaved in such a bad way in the late XP days. 😰 IMHO such people should be hold accountable for any damage in case their …

Re: Access NAS share from Windows 95 OSR2

https://blog.udance.com.au/2017/07/10/stronger-authentication-for-windows-95 : 1. Install IE4 (If you do the full install of Active Directory Update) 2. Install Winsock 2 3. Install "Active Directory Update" or just copy vnetsup.vxd and vredir.vxd to the SYSTEM directory. 4. Add this registry key …

Access NAS share from Windows 95 OSR2

Hi all, I'm trying to access my QNAP shares from a 486 machine, where a fresh Win95 OSR2 is installed. The network is up and running, but when I try to browse the NAS, a password window pops up as follows (let's assume that the UNC of the NAS is NAS ): \\NAS - enter password for \\NAS\IPC$ \\NAS\ …

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