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Re: Strangest thing found on harddrives

in Milliways
Not a hard drive but 'vintage' kind of. I got called to a report of a keyboard not working properly back in the late nineties when fixing keyboards was still a thing. It was at a nurses station in a hospital and when I took it apart to clean it out, it was chock full of biscuit crumbs and pubes 😲... …

Re: Resurrecting a Deskpro 4000

In which case, I'll know who to ask if I have any SCSI-related queries 😁. Talking about SCSI, we're just about to throw away some huge Sun servers at work and I might have just rescued an external Sun Microsystems DLT drive. Would be interesting to take home and test but I don't fancy forking out …

Re: Resurrecting a Deskpro 4000

Nice project, I have fond memories of those early Compaq machines - used to see a lot of them when I was a travelling PC engineer back in the day. Interesting that you went the SCSI route. I currently run my Pentium 166 MMX on an Adaptec 2940UW with an 18.2GB Seagate Cheetah HDD. It manages 31MB/s …

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