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Re: Sam and Max Hanging Notes SC-55

Hm, unfortunately different speeds (i.e. slowing down to different levels) does not seem to make a difference - other than that anything above MEDHIGH, i.e. roughly a Pentium 90, is an immediate crash once it starts playing MIDI. Hanging notes occur at any speed though, with or without SoftMPU.

Re: Sam and Max Hanging Notes SC-55

Reviving this old topic, since I'm running into exactly the same problem on my P233MMX with an ALS100 (SB16 compatible with UART MPU401). I haven't had any game so far that caused trouble for me with MIDI - most MT32 games need SoftMPU of course, but I got everything to work. This sound card does …

Re: Roland SC-55: leaky capacitor? need help

Yep, yours looks fine. Mine had the same drop of glue at the bottom (which you'd see on just about any SC-55 these days), but also a slightly bulge at the top and some residue: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?p=981596#p981596 Planning to get that replaced as soon as I can. Yours shows neither …

ATI Rage II: SVGA refresh rate in DOS

Hi, I have an ATI 3D Xpression+ (Rage II) in my P233MMX PC, and in DOS programs the refresh rate in VESA / SVGA resolutions is always 60 Hz. I vaguely remember that there was a tool back in the day to change the default for that, e.g. to 85Hz. Is that so? If so, what program can I use for that? …

Alternatives to a real Roland SC-55

Updated May 28 with the suggestions from the thread Hi, I'm trying to get an overview of what the current options are to get MIDI that's as close to a real SC-55 as possible. What I'm aware of at this point is: Roland Sound Canvas VA , about $70 for a lifetime key, needs a Windows machine or Mac ( …

Re: Totally Stumped with Sound Card Issue

My point exactly. 😁 I'm not saying it's impossible to run DOS games with PCI sound cards, I'm just saying it requires a lot more luck and fiddling around than with an ISA card. You do have an additional compatibility layer in the system, it's never going to be as hassle-free as ISA.

Re: Totally Stumped with Sound Card Issue

In general, you will only ever get a (mostly) hassle-free sound experience under MS-DOS with an ISA sound card, which of course you unfortunately cannot install on the V3100. With PCI sound cards it's always a bit hit and miss which games will work with the drivers and which won't. In some cases, …

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