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Re: Asus P2B-DS Build

My P2B-DS ran dual 800MHz Coppermines with no VRM mod needed or anything out of spec. Only a BIOS update. I don't remember which one. Did it with a diskette. Asus docs said that a BIOS upgrade prior to Coppermine from factory default was needed. I followed instruction, and the system ran out of the …

Re: Dual P3 Build

What a beautiful build. Nice and clean. I also love those Creative 5.25 bay audio panels. And in black! Wish I had something like that, but then I'd have to go with PCI sound. All of my PCI slots are already filled. When I first bought the board for $620 in 1999, I thought about getting a pair of …

Re: GUS Frustrations

Apparently enough people projected their inexperience to bankrupt the company. How easy was it to figure things out without internet, back when everyone didn't have a PhD in Retro?

Re: GUS Frustrations

Yes, once figured out, it all gets easy. I have no regrets. I managed to get mine working in pair with SB64. Not a fan of GUS emulation. It never works right, and everything GUS hogs memory. I speak Russian, by the way. Been reading Vogons for a long time, but only now decided to join.

Re: GUS Frustrations

I assumed at least something was going to show up during bootup. Some indication of a new device being present. I didn't know that the process was fully manual. Mistook it for a damaged card. While getting it to work, I realized why so many of them were getting returned back in the day. People …

GUS Frustrations

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3Y4lPTi8ws Few years back I got myself a GUS Classic card. I've had no experience dealing with non-PnP boards, and thought mine was a dud when nothing showed up during bootup. Re-seated the chips. That didn't help. Spent 2 weeks troubleshooting to find out that …

Dual P3 Build

https://www.vogons.org/download/file.php?mode=view&id=106479 Motherboard: Asus P2B-DS mod bios 1014 and a voltage mod to allow CPU's above 800Mhz factory limit. CPU: 2x Slot 1 P3 1GHz RAM 1GB PC-133 ECC Video: Voodoo 5500 Sound: SB AWE64, and added GUS Classic 2.1 recently (not in the photo). The …

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