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Re: Adventure remakes

in DOS
I remember these typing games fondly. Like KQ1 on our Amstrad we had in the late 80s. But it's not something I would like to play today. I learned English from games like this. They were very educational to adventure hungry kids.

Re: Tell about your country

in Milliways
I heard only the good about the Nordics, and the places. Tell me something that outsiders must take care of, the places they should look to live in, how to merge with the locals, places for local food, ways to not get scammed, etc (Others have replied to the thread, I would like to engage with …

Re: Tell about your country

in Milliways
I speak for the Swedish. Ask me anything. I will answer truly. Fascinated by mooses. Do you see them often? I hear they're a danger to drivers. Yes we have moose. They are giants, we refer to them as kings of the forest. Sweden is a very tall country, and in the northern parts where i often visit …

Help repairing 440bx

Hi, so I have this 440bx motherboard that died suddenly a couple of years ago. I don't remember doing anything to it, it just did not turn on one day. Tried multiple PSUs and both go into power protection mode. The PSUs are fine and work for instance with my socket 480 motherboard. As I understand …

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