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Re: 2024 - End of the era of Retro Computing Youtube channels?

in Milliways
Is there any alternative for Youtube? Vimeo is not that better either... There aren't many alternatives with retro computing content. You can find some stuff on the Internet Archive, like old computer shows. Yes, there is a lot of good stuff! Is there any alternative for Youtube? Vimeo is not that …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

in Marvin \ Video
Regarding the tune interval check: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\vga2usb\Parameters\V2P80733\TuneInterval The V2P80733 is my card, your ID may differ. You can set the value there to 0xFFFFFFFF, which is not possible in the GUI. Thanks for the hint! It seems to create …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

in Marvin \ Video
I found two more cards which might or might not have any potential. Anyone got experience with Epiphan DVI2PCIe? https://www.epiphan.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/epiphan-dvi2pcie-brochure.pdf And then Cards by "Foresight" e.g. FORESIGHT IMAGING I-RGB 165: https://www.fi-llc.com/boards/Products/ …

Re: FastDoom. A new Doom port for DOS, optimized to be as fast as possible for 386/486 personal computers!

trixster wrote on 2021-04-29, 10:59: Can't believe i've only just seen this thread. This is a game-changer for the PC BridgeBoard in my Amiga 3000. Amazing work, FastDoom is superb. FastDoom runs relative nicely also on the Amiga 2000's PC-Task4 program, which is a PC emulator software. 😀 https:// …

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