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Re: Shaking image

pentiumspeed wrote on 2022-04-11, 19:26: Bouncing vertically image means the vertical sweep circuit is starting to break especially solder joints breaking and capacitors. Cheers, Yeah, it could be that too. Thank you!

Re: Shaking image

shit movie, your hand is shaking more than the picture, didnt capture whole screen due to bad phone orientation, and you made it a short so cant even rewind :/ from what I can (hardly due to above) tell its not shaking, vertical oscillator failing to lock? https://www.repairfaq.org/sam/monfaq.htm# …

Shaking image

Something strange is happening to my CRT screen😅 I wanted to use it again after being unused for a long time, but the image is shaking all the time. I've tried using different cables, connecting it to different power sources, but it doesn't seem to work. Maybe there's nothing I can do about it. Here …

Re: Non -authentic SB card for 286

Thank you!! You are most welcome...;) This page goes in to the SET BLASTER= line in more detail. I printed it off over 20 years ago and placed the copy in my Computer reference ring binder over 20 years ago.. http://www.rinkworks.com/apogee/s/6.4.2.shtml Unlike some I try not to rely on memory. …

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