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Re: SBEMU: Sound Blaster emulation on AC97

I tried DOSLFN. With it loaded, RHIDE crashes at start. So I generated the makefile in RHIDE without DOSLFN loaded, and then again tried to compile it in CLI with "make -f sbemu.mak" after loading doslfn. It doesn't work, it gets confused right at the start. See screenshot. The same thing happens …

Re: Open source DOS games

in Milliways
MrFlibble wrote on 2022-12-15, 15:21: Apparently TMB Productions released the source code to their QuickBasic games, but the files have not been preserved by the Wayback Machine, so the code is possibly lost. Here is one of them I think. https://github.com/asgerfv/the_little_pixy2

Re: USB ISA cards?

My main interest is ZIP 750MB (USB only) or ZIP 250MB (USB version) to get working on 486 that has ISA only slots. Current workaround would be to get SCSI ISA card and connect ZIP 250MB to it and hope that ZIP750 vs ZIP250 compatibility works well. The ATAPI version works great on my 386 even …

Re: Daemon tools for DOS?

in DOS
Just for mounting the ISO's virtually or more complex than that? SHSUCDX suite is a good one. http://adoxa.altervista.org/shsucdx/ Won't get you redbook audio. Love the channel BTW.

Re: Hiding a drive in DOS 7.1?

For DOS, let the D: drive get associated to the disk on boot, and then use the assign command to take it back over and mirror something like you cd drive. So in your autoexec: ASSIGN D:=F: Where D is your disk you want to take over and F is where your CD is mapped to. When you are done or before you …

Re: DOS boot up splash screen?

I use this in my DOS Shareware pack. See the reference in the fdconfig.sys and autoexec for how to do it. https://github.com/flynnsbit/DOS_Shareware_MyMenu The openinit.raw file has to be in a very specific format. I think I ended up using the dos version of paint shop to create it. You can download …

Re: DOS versions of DOOM

FastDoom might be a better option especially if you already have your retail WAD files for Doom/Doom2. The compiled exe's are on github... https://github.com/viti95/FastDoom/releases Supported WADS -------------- The supported wads are the following: * DOOM.WAD -> DOOM Registered (3 episodes) * …

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