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Re: Cross compile to 8088 XT

Yaaay! It worked 😀 Thank you vstrakh! The bugs creeped in because I was experimenting with different notations — the vasm's "std" syntax is different from the MOT one I used for other projects and had a hard time switching. All is starting to make sense now. Thank you again for helping!

Re: Cross compile to 8088 XT

Yeah, looking at this now it seems this is not the expected DOS exe or com format. I'm still feeling like I'm missing something obvious, as I find it hard to believe that I was able to assemble code with vasm for all kinds architectures including Amigas, Z80, several flavors of Apple, etc. but …

Re: Cross compile to 8088 XT

Hi all, thank you for trying to help. I'm getting the same results after binary adjustment with exe2bin. As for the format of the output, here are dumps: mik:pc_speaker eu$ vasmx86_std -m8086 -Faout mmm.asm -o mmm.obj vasm 1.8l (c) in 2002-2021 Volker Barthelmann vasm x86 cpu backend 0.7a (c) 2005- …

Re: Cross compile to 8088 XT

Thank you. This would make sense as the "message" I'm getting displayed seems to be a random string of chars picked from a different segment of memory... If that's the case, do you happen to know how to link for .com? vlink help doesn't seem to mention this.

Cross compile to 8088 XT

Probably a long shot but maybe someone here knows. I'm trying to cross-compile assembly code from a modern machine, using http://sun.hasenbraten.de/vasm/ compiler and http://sun.hasenbraten.de/vlink/ linker, to 8088 XT. I am able to compile basic code (to display a string) on MS-DOS using MASM, but …

Maya44 PCI sound card

Hey all, I just bought Maya 44 PCI sound card compulsively for EUR30 and before the package arrives, I've started to wonder: how good is it for retro machines? I can see the manufacturer has provided drivers for anything Windows 2000+ (not 98 though). Is there a way to make it work under DOS? Any …

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