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Re: Can a faster ISA Graphics card be built?

The best you can do with ISA - is to not treat the video memory as a framebuffer where you write bytes. If you put some megabytes for textures / sprites / spatial structures, add some acceleration algorithms on the card's side to build up the needed actions that alter the representation of those …

Re: old tube radios

in Milliways
In series with the mains input. The old incandescent light bulb acts as a current limiter, preventing major damages in case some tube shorts internally, or some cap is leaking/shorting.

Re: Is Canabalt DOS demake possible?

in Milliways
ZX spectrum Boriel RUNNER is not quite the same. There are three unrelated and non-overlapping areas, updated separately at different points in time. Nothing like multilayer parallax in C64 game. Sure PC/XT can do that, but the example in question is C64. With VGA and reloadable fonts it should be …

Re: Is Canabalt DOS demake possible?

in Milliways
I know it was done for C64! PC XT has no hardware sprites, CGA can't scroll horizontally, so even if 8088 is more performant than 6502 - it has too much work to do, too many bytes to shuffle around in order to deliver the same kind of visuals. So I'd be pessimistic about the overall performance.

Re: FM synth - native/direct vs. through MIDI?

In the DOS era there was not much MIDI-capable hardware, and it definitely was not meant to interface FM synths. The dos games would play game-specific music formats via game- or game engine-specific driver (AIL, MIDPACK, etc). The driver would normally access OPL hardware directly, though later …

Re: VGA mode 13 no signal on real hardware

On multiple occasions - with different cards and motherboards - I've seen "signal out of range" warning from monitor when switching between text and graphic modes. And it was always fixed by re-seating video card or changing the slot it was installed into. This issue could be related. The bad …

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