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Re: Are all "Goteks" made equal?

Thanks for the input guys, at least I have some info to go by and I'll see what I can get. Re: pricing, locally they are ranging from u$85 to u$160 so I'd gladly pay 30 bucks for one 😀 This stuff is so so limited around here that this kind of abusive prices are all too common. Thanks again.

Are all "Goteks" made equal?

Hi there, hope you're all doing well... There is a slight change I get a friend to bring me a floppy emulator from overseas, given that down here they are sold at 10 to 20 times their AliExpress value. But in this forums for instance, they seem to be always referred to as "Goteks" so I wonder if …

Re: My youtube channel: Necroware

Hey, I subscribed few weeks ago and I really like it too! I still have some vids to go through but I will get there eventually 😀 I hope I can build some Serial-to-PS/2 adapter based on those vids. Thanks for sharing all that knowledge. Best regards.

Re: I have Windows 98 and Windows 2000 on this hard drive, how to make it bootable?

Hi, Having a single an appropriate active partition would be the first thing to check, but the issue here might be the need to install the bootloaders. On win 2000's it should be relatively straightforward.... https://kb.acronis.com/content/1507 And then you could try adding a boot entry for Win 98 …

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