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Re: New AIO on 775

I'd be leary of second hand AIO coolers. They really only have a 5 year life expectancy and could be full of slime by the time you get your hands on it. I think either a quality period correct tower cooler with a modern fan or a modern cooler with an adapter plate is much more reliable, if not quite …

Re: GPU Suggestions?

I ran an AXP 3200+ as my primary machine for many years so I might be able to help a bit here. Something is certainly amiss as that chip should operate at much higher clocks. Perhaps you're looking at something other than CPU clockspeed? It's hard to imagine what though as I don't recall anything …

Re: Your opinion on the ATi Rage IIC and Rage Pro

The Rage Pro was a really nice piece of hardware that was SEVERELY limited in 3D applications by inadequate drivers for the majority of its useful life. The 2D side was excellent for the day, not quite a Matrox Millennium, but well above average, especially in media playback. Honestly I don't know …

Re: Diablo 2 glide worth it?

Blizzard has patched up Diablo II quite well over the years on a technical level. Almost all of the effects are replicated in the D3D renderer and there's basically no hassles when running on a modern PC (aside from scaling issues stemming from the low resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio). There's also …

Re: Savage 4 is it useful for anything?

I mean wouldn't that Riva128 still be way under powered with a 700 MHz Athlon? There's a Geforce2 MX400 listed on ebay right now for 17 bucks shipped that seems like a nice pairing for that system. I'm sure you could find other cards of a similar vintage around that price as well.

Re: Affordable, but still good, PCI video card

2D quality is solid, you can find AnandTech's original review from back at release over there still. Phil did a nice review over here a couple years back as well (https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=48925). If you can find a Rage128 Pro they are clocked higher, a good 33% or so if I remember …

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