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Re: Unity Runtime Fee

I'm a unity developer for the last many years, from version 4. Nothing changes for my current situation/company, since were on a custom license anyway.... But for me personally, I just don't see it as something I wanna invest my own time developing skills going forward. I've been using unreal for my …

Re: Why does Warcraft 3 list the Nvidia TNT, Ati Rage 128, Voodoo3, Intel i810 as minimum spec cards but requires D3D8?

Offtopic, but to correct my misinformation, before someone belives it. v1.29 works fine(even a bit faster) on a voodoo5 too, the game just defaults to windoved fullscreen, so it runs on one chip only, thats why fps was so low. Adding -nativefullscr to the start option ofc fixes that. Dumbass... …

Re: Why does Warcraft 3 list the Nvidia TNT, Ati Rage 128, Voodoo3, Intel i810 as minimum spec cards but requires D3D8?

If it adds anything, since Im currently playing it.... up to v1.26 "works" on win98, v1.29 needs newer os. In d3d it lags when I move the mouse, not present in opengl. Could be just my configuration. Not sure for in-between versions, 26 is the one to go with anyway. For v1.29 game got an engine …

Re: Quake 2 Remastered has been released!

in Milliways
I just tried it quicly and like it. Same game, just a bit nicer looking/sounding. Lots of options to custumize your experience. With q1 I still preffer some campains in the old(sourceport) version over the remade one. But q2, think thats the best version. First 2 lvls off n64 version https://youtu. …

Re: Video Corruption Issue (AGP Voodoo 5 5500)

As far as I know, he doesnt have a method to test individual chips, he does have a lot of experience for educated guessing. One utility exists for 3dfx cards, but no one compiled it so far, it contains various hardware tests. Well I did, it just compiled wrong.. eventually when I take the time 😜

Re: EAX appreciation thread

Think you need to get one more soundcard, so there would be an a3d appreciation thread too :p And to atleast add something. On win10, I use a soundblasterx g6, so I tested Alchemy and it works fine. Fear sounded exacly the same as on x-fi card. The only problem with it, not every eax game is …

Re: best mouse

in Milliways
I use the g pro. Works fine on 98 on my motherboards. Had to replace all the switches, sides too, encoder, now the scrollwheel is all used up, encoder is again basicly dead, so thats next... But for feel, best mouse I ever used. Thats it for me, dont think a better mouse will ever exist for gaming …

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