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Doom slows down after a while

Hello, I'm running Doom on a 486 DX2, with 16 Megs of ram. After a while, the music stops playing and the game starts to slows down to eventually unplayable speed. By that time I exit the game. I remember it could have something to do with MIDI playback through the Roland SC-55, but I can't find …

Sound Blaster 16 PnP (Vibra) - Setting IRQ to 7?

Hey guys, Is it possible to change the IRQ to 7 on a SB16 Vibra? The reason I ask is that I'm having trouble doing so with the CTCU utility. The option is simply not there, it only displays 5 as an option. I also tried to manually edit CTPNP.CFG but it gets overwritten back to 5 after a reboot. …

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