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Re: GPU for P5A-B

I can confirm the G200 performs better in socket7 than the G400. That's not what I saw when I tested with a P233MMX (I know G450 isn't G400, but pretty close): Windows 98SE, latest ICD: Quake 2 demo 1, no sound, in FPS: G200: 640x480x32: 18 800x600x32: 14.5 1024x768x32: 11 640x480x16: 21.5 …

Re: GPU for P5A-B

I'm playing with a P5-A/K2-2+ build now, and haven't had any issues with any of these under either 98SE or XP: - Matrox G400 - Geforce 2 MX400 - Quadro 2 Pro They all work fine, but the performance advantage of the Q2Pro over the MX400 is minimal. G400 delivers the best image quality, but is by far …

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