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Re: Best web browsing for Win 9x? (Mozilla, etc.)

in Windows
Let me add more details to WDStudios' post: Latest official browsers for Win98(SE) are... - Firefox - Firefox (latest nightly, 2009/04/15) - Opera 10.63 (2010/10/12) [the last two are available on my website -> https://soggi.org/misc/tools.htm] With KernelEX you may run Firefox …

Re: AMIBIOS Modding

As far as I know all these 2.xx and later Win versions only work correctly with AMI Core 7/8/Aptio BIOS images. For the previous AMI BIOSes up to Core 6.31 there were only DOS versions of AMIBCP. ASRock has been founded as the cheap brand of ASUS back then and ASUS was well known for hindering from …

Re: AMIBIOS Modding

Argh, this looks strange... Maybe this version is too early for this BIOS image!? Didn't ever try AMIBCP in DOSBox, only in Win98SE DOS (as mentioned: not in command on Windows) and it worked perfectly. AMIBCP 7.60.04 can't open the image or didn't you found a source ( here is one)!? Actually I …

Re: AMIBIOS Modding

I guess the K7VM2 has a AMI Core 6.xx BIOS - therefore you have to use AMIBCP 7.60. If you're lucky there are options to activate. The tool is self-explanatory, so you don't need any tutorial. BTW this is a DOS tool, you can't run it successfully within Windows - unlike the AMIBCP tools for the …

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