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Re: Pulling my hair out with EGA programming.

I'm not exactly sure what's going on in that assembler code. What is the purpose of xor di, di ? The assembler code for the actual pixel setting above can be rewritten as follows which might be easier to understand: mov ax,0a000h mov es,ax mov di,0 mov al,80h mov es:[di],al The last line is then …

Re: Pulling my hair out with EGA programming.

You want to write to address 0xa0000, not 0xa000. In real mode you need to split that into segment 0xa000 and offset 0. In Assembler that is done like pano69 said. I'm not 100% sure about real mode C but I think you have to construct it as a far pointer which combines segment and offset and the …

Re: The Joy of MMX

Pentium MMX is pretty much exactly what the name implies: a standard in-order Pentium CPU, with MMX instructions added. However, because of the extra instructions, the decoding pipeline had to be modified somewhat, which makes certain operations 1 cycle slower than they were on a Pentium classic. …

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