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Re: Regressive bugs - report them here

Maybe for someone it will be important. On driver 18.6.1 with directx 11, there are no problems, no white textures are observed. You can safely use the latest versions of dgvoodoo with amd radeon (HD 7850 card and similar). I have checked dgvoodoo 2.75 and 2.75.1 Earlier drivers have problems with …

Re: Regressive bugs - report them here

Yes, there is support for dx12, and I have successfully tested it in a benchmark. I tested a couple more games on dx12 render, everything works. In general, I will have to check old drivers and use dx11. Once again I apologize, it looks like this is not related to the latest version of dgvoodoo and …

Re: Regressive bugs - report them here

I apologize in advance, maybe this is the same problem as with directx 11. Sacred Gold 2.28 GOG crashes when loading a level. I use dgvoodoo 2.75 directx 12 win 10 card amd 7850. It turned out that all games do not work with dx12 and crash. Apparently the card doesn't fully support dx12. But …

Re: Dgvoodoo as host 60 fps

Sorry, but I'm afraid I don't understand your request. What feature is 'host 60 fps' exactly? https://github.com/mashakos/OmniScaler Something like this (this program only works with games in windowed mode). On top of this program, shaders work at 60 fps, this does not affect the real speed of the …

DeathDrome with patch - no sound

in Windows
This game is made for Intel processors, on Amd processors it runs only with a patch. But because of this patch, the sound disappears. Can I fix it? Why is this happening at all? Wrongly written patch or something else?

Dgvoodoo as host 60 fps

Is it possible to add such a function? Why - for crt royale to work properly. Similar things have been done in OmniScale, but this program only works with games in windowed mode and it still has a lot of problems.

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