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Re: Quake Shareware Music.

Hezus wrote on 2021-05-16, 11:38: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the shareware version featured the full sound track.. You were correct. I checked the CD through Windows Media Player and there weren't music at all, just some useless stuff.

Quake Shareware Music.

Hi! Recently found I had a Quake Shareware CD! Since I am a purist boomer, I did not resist to smash the CD into the PC and blow some blocky Fiends and Shamblers! (Nightmare difficulty because yes.) However, I noticed there was a lack of any Music. I couldn't get the CD because imgmount command …

Re: Quake 1 no music?

I've recently got the Quake Music to work under the GOG Version. I also had the Shareware CD in the dark corners of my gAmInG shelf. I tried the same way of making the music work like the GOG version, it wasn't detecting the iso file even after the imgmount command for some reason. WinQuake is …

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