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Re: Roland MT-32 (old) display question

Thermalwrong wrote on 2021-04-12, 19:37: If you find out how to do that, I'm keen to try that on my big old MT-100 too 😀 Same, but my understanding is that it can not be done. Missing circuit board components aside, it would seem that IC35 isn't programmed to output to the LCD as it's not expecting …

Start Up (Boot) Menu

Came across this neat start up menu on an old HDD I acquired. Executes in autoexec.bat. It's called startopt.exe Filename 20210717_133414.jpg File size 590.15 KiB Views 90 views Filename 20210717_133434.jpg File size 782.12 KiB Views 90 views I'll try to share it if I can, it's only 20kb (which is …

Mystery Mouse Problem

I've a Juko AMD 386SX/25MHz under DOS 6.0 and for some reason the (serial) mouse is no longer working. I've tried swapping out the mouse, I've tried a range of drivers, I've tried swapping COM ports, I've tried swapping ISA slots, I've even tried swapping out the I/O card... all amount to nothing. …

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