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Re: Dungeon Keeper Gold on Vista (32bit)

in Windows
Hmmm, 95 compatibility mode worked here in Vista for DK1 (same thing I had to do to get it to work in Vista). A long time ago I had to use the ACT to get DK1 to work in XP but over time I no longer had to. MS probably included a fix for it in the compatibility database.....but not likely since if …

Re: dgVoodoo & Mechwarrior 2 3Dfx

in PC Emulation
@Carrera: if you read this: I've seen your message about Mech2, as you have problems with it. I remember, kjliew told me to copy a 3 bytes file of Mech2 ones (can't remember the name) into the root directory to get it to work. I wonder if it could be your problem too... Does it drops you back to …

Re: dgVoodoo & Mechwarrior 2 3Dfx

in PC Emulation
Has the issue of this thread been addressed since the last posting? This post by Flashback leads me to believe that mech2 3dfx enhanced CAN be glide wrapped under win9x! /viewtopic.php?p=64250&highlight=#64250 Also, give this a look: http://www.netmech.org/

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