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Re: What do you think about Steam Deck handheld PC ?

Lately, I've been thinking about a specific way that the Steam Deck might be utilized. I work at a public library, specifically one where physical space is very limited. This poses a problem in terms of having a physical video game collection, because there literally is nowhere to shelve one. That …

Re: Most important games

There are a lot of games I can think of for this, but to focus one part of my life I'll talk about the ones I remember for the Apple IIGS, which is the first computer my family ever owned. If we're counting educational games, I think the first game I remember playing was Where in the World is Carmen …

Re: What game are you playing now?

Picked up Commander Keen in Keen Dreams, which I have vivid memories of playing with my German cousins during a rare occasion when I got to visit them. There's something I especially like about the grenades that turn your adversaries into dopey-looking flowers when you stun them.

Re: What game are you playing now?

I am very much looking forward to Curse though, since it was a childhood favorite of mine. If anyone has recommendations for visual settings or anything in ScummVM to make it look nicer or more authentic, now would be the time to share. With the caveat that I haven't tested it yet, this looks …

Re: vintage open world games

It wasn't always super detailed, but I remember the levels in Terminal Velocity being pretty large. The gameplay was similar to that of Descent , but much of it took place on the surface of various planets, and there was nothing stopping you from just flying around for a while before getting down to …

Re: What game are you playing now?

My go-to game for the last year or so has been Stardew Valley. It's gentle and absorbing and helps me get into a mental state where my anxieties and constant feeling of being overwhelmed are manageable, so I keep coming back.

Re: What is your Favorite CPU and Why ?

Well if you ask what CPU made the BIGGEST impact on the computer market it would have had to have been the first gen. Pentium. Cyrix 6x86's a much bigger wrecking ball than that. 6x86 destroying the 5th gen luxury gatekeep in the mid-late 90s (despite how flaky and sucks-at-quakey they may be) is …

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