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No music or sound in Ultimate Doom on Win98SE?!

in Windows
Greetings venerable Vogons. Build any good bypasses lately? I have a kick ass Tualatin based Windows 98SE gaming PC that I built last year (pictured) and I have been enjoying a lot of different games on it. I've been playing stuff from my childhood like Warcraft, Age of Empires and Deus Ex, but now …

How do I run DOS games on my Windows 98 PC?

Greeting Vogons! I am an absolute noob to the retro scene. In the last couple of months I have amused myself during covid lockdown by building a sweet Windows 98 gaming PC, and I'm loving it. Playing old games like Warcraft 3 and The Sims has been a breeze. However, I would like to go even further …

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