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Re: Thoughts on IT outage

in Milliways
Missed the whole thing, but I guess I'm glad I haven't turned on my Windows 10 system in about 2 months. Do you have a Crowdstrike License on your Windows 10 machine? Of course he has not. But some people on this forum read somewhere in a topic the word "Windows" and then the Microsoft bashing …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

That is correct. You mounted another drive. C: is empty as all Dosbox-X files are on your Z: drive. If your directory is not empty and you don't see them on C: then that is another problem though. Never tried it on Linux so can't help with that. I set nocachedir to true in the conf file btw as …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

Excuse me, if I'm asking in the wrong thread for advise. I'm trying DOSBox-X for Linux (unfortunately there are only snap or flatpak packages for the distros I've tried and yeah, I hate this kind of software installations) and I can't mount any directory structure as "DOS drive letter" from " …

Re: Looking for a way to 'BBS' in Windows 3.11

in Milliways
I tried Cheyenne BitWare for Windows some time ago to test some BBS stuff under Windows 3.11. Worked okay with ANSI if I remember correctly. But to be honest almost everyone used it under DOS (or OS/2; especially when running a BBS). I personally like Qmodem Pro on DOS but as mentioned above there …

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