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Re: Program Requires MS-DOS Mode

Windows 98 did offer options regarding the MS-DOS mode (by default, "Suggest MS-DOS mode" is ticked, which is very likely the option that triggers the message you're getting). Win ME however got rid of those advanced options (they used to be in the program tab, after you rightclick the exe and …

Re: EGA planar plot pixel

Hello, you need to read from that memory location first in order to fill the latch registers. A zero in the bit mask register means that the associated bit of the latch registers will be written back to that memory location. If you got zero in the latches, then zero is what will be written.

Re: Interview with "last XP fan"

in Milliways
That guy kind of reminds me of myself in many ways :D Used XP for 17 years before switching to 7 in early 2019. Used it for everything, but software support was dropping quickly, mainly the browsers, and I figured that 17 years was a good timespan already and it's time to move on. 7's quite ok …

Re: How do you initially setup your system?

No, you didn't need to have DOS installed in order to install Win95, in fact Win95 was the first windows (apart from NT) not to require a pre-installed DOS. It came with a startup disk in order to boot and then run setup from the CD, as booting from CD directly wasn't common at the time yet.

Re: Monitor for a Pentium 2/3 - Windows 98

Were there actually any 4:3 LCD monitors in that size range? Back in the day I went directly from a 15" LCD to a 20" due to the lack of 4:3 monitors in between. Even those advertised as 4:3 were in fact 5:4 (native res 1280x1024). There might have been a few exceptions, though I guess they were …

Re: High precision timing->

"I could do that, but won't that mess up the time/date?" If you call the original handler at the original frequency, then no, otherwise yes. Let's say you let the timer run at twice the speed, then your int 8 handler has to call the original int 8 handler every second time that your handler is …

Re: High precision timing->

I don't know about QBasic, but the BIOS offers a function to wait a specific time (int 15h, function 86h, time to wait in microseconds has to be in cx:dx). Maybe you could implement that into QBasic somehow?

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