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Re: VST Midi Driver Midi Mapper

Even with a reinstall and the installation of the optimized library after reinstall, the VST synth doesn't come up in the MIDI manager or any other programs. I guess I'll go back to using the unoptimized library and see if that will get it recognized again.

Re: VST Midi Driver Midi Mapper

I'm reinstalling the VST MIDI Driver. After I installed the optimized library from Mr. FalcoSoft, it apparently stopped being detected by the Coolsoft MIDI Mapper and all programs. I didn't realize it until this morning, because I forgot to test it with game MIDI after I manually installed the new …

Re: VMware acquisition by Broadcom?

What it means is anyone's guess, but it's just Broadcom diversifying, as they have to move away from semiconductor products to keep financially solvent. It's likely that they will sell it down the road, to someone like Microsoft or Oracle.

Re: PCI-X Compatible Sound Cards

There is apparently a Dell PCI-X SoundBlaster card, in the X-Fi family, but I can't confirm it's authenticity and I don't understand why Dell would ever request such a product from Creative Labs. https://jbsdevices.com/item/dell-0ct602-network-adapter?catchall&gclid= …

Re: Sierra games and DOS vs. Windows

in DOS
There are many versions of Sierra titles on CD. The 5-inch floppy version? It's on CD! The 3.5-inch floppy version? It's on CD! The CD packaged version? It's on CD! The patched version of the 5-inch floppy version? It's on CD! Seriously, there were many releases of Sierra titles on CD, particularly …

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