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Re: EAX appreciation thread

I believe what was meant was "speakers built into the monitor" (or possibly attached to it, though that's fallen out of fashion when CRTs went away). Actual "studio monitor" speakers usually qualify as good ones... Indeed, monitor speakers aren't really a common thing anymore, but some people still …

Re: EMU Proteus/1 support for Sierra games?

The MultiSound is basically a pre-GM device (Proteus) combined with a GM synth (TB's ?) that when used for GM (see video) is comparable to a SC-55/88 (and all the imitators). Not quite, in terms of MIDI the Multisound Classic really is nothing more than a Proteus 1/XR with a custom GM sysex loaded. …

Re: EMU Proteus/1 support for Sierra games?

I’ve been debating getting a proteus, how does the turtle beach multi sound classic sound compare to a real proteus 1xr? Any audio samples of the two? All things being equal, they should sound roughly the same, given that the same hardware and samples/patches are used between the two of them and …

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