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Re: Nostalgia for old Graphics Programs?

Could you be thinking of KidPix? That had some pretty wild patterns and fun colors and stamps etc. The oldest graphics programs I remember using are the classic PBRUSH.EXE on Windows 3. Just seeing the interface brings me back to all the silly drawings I made. We also had disks for The Print Shop …

Re: Sudden death of tnt vanta pci

PC starts , HD (led blinking) and cd rom initiate as well as cpu fan spins. Howevere there are no post beeps of any kind and it looks like the system hangs before beeps hapen. The behaviour is same even if i select integrated gpu to be the first video output or if i instal other pci gpu and hookit …

Re: Sudden death of tnt vanta pci

Do the motherboards still boot with the card installed? E.g. POST beep and POST codes associated with booting? A POST card would be handy so you can watch the codes on the bus and compare between a working card and non-working card. It may not help with fixing it, but would let you know if it's …

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