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Re: Market value for popular or rare classic computer hardware

in Milliways
LGA775 lasted a long time. One issue though is BTX. You do anything with BTX or are you trying to avoid that? My friend and I keep a Dell Optiplex 960 tower running with BTX motherboard. We were having "fun" trying to get a good graphics card working since it can only accept a single slot (and …

Re: Bought these (retro) software/OS today

in Milliways
MapPoint 2002 completes my Office 2002 (XP) collection. This journey has been a fun ride and a pretty affordable too. So much more satisfying to collect stuff, that is still considered to be junk and worthless by most. I'd hate to collect retro hardware nowadays. That's a super impressive …

Re: The first ATX case?

Hi. I was an intern at Intel's OPSD (OEM Platform Service Divison) which became the Intel Platform Divison (IPD) which then became probably two other things after that. In our environment in 96 and 97, we had a mix of LPX systems, ATX systems, and others. So cool to see someone with your knowledge …

Re: Making DOS 6.22 diskettes from image files

in DOS
Could you try Win32 Disk Imager? It's free but I don't know if it will write to a floppy drive. I don't have a floppy drive in any newer machines at the moment so I can't test it. https://win32diskimager.org/

Re: VGA to HDMI converter... is it any good?

in PC Emulation
It looks like it takes a common DC 5V 1A barrel connector for power. I think it's worth trying it out. Maybe look inside for signs of work and try it out if it looks intact? Could be useful for capturing BIOS screens or comparing VGA output if it works well. I have a cheapo VGA to HDMI adapter from …

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