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Re: All Sound Tracker - build

ah well. i've reconciled myself to probably not experiencing the real thing, so honestly i'd settle for being able to have a play around with it even if it sounded a bit crap! If audio fidelity and quality were all I were after, i'd just use some boring modern DAW with outboard audio interface ¯\_(ツ …

Re: Ultimate Music Tracker Base

Could try Wayback Machine? It's definitely been crawled but for some reason when I try to view it, the page loads (looks great) then whites out with a sad document icon and the message "This content is blocked. Contact the site owner to fix the issue."

Re: All Sound Tracker - build

I love the interwebs. Someone discovers an old tracker software, gets inspired, posts on a forum and BAM! one of the devs of the program hops on the thread. Heartwarming stuff <3 Personally, I'm hoping dosbox-x will get AWE32 emulation going so I can have a play with AST, it sounds like a total …

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