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Re: Aztech Sound Galaxy Wave Power DB problems

Hi there, I have a small amount of info on DOS Days about this here: http://dosdays.co.uk/topics/wavetable_audio.php and do a search for 'Wave Power'. Bear in mind it's 3rd-party info, so not my own findings. It would be useful to know what sound card you have the Wave Power connected to, as the …

Aztech Sound Galaxy Wave Power DB problems

Hi all. I recently purchased an Aztech Sound Galaxy Wave Power daughter card, and faced the following problem: this card is not always detected on board the sound card, and I have to restart the computer. Problem number 2: when I try to run the game in a DOS environment, I immediately get a stuck …


in DOS
Prompt the program for work of PCMCIA devices in DOS on Toshiba Libretto 50CT laptop. There is a PCMCIA CD-ROM that I want to connect.

Pine Vivaldy PT-202 Doughtboard

Hello colleagues. Bought this card a few months ago. This card has a problem, namely, the right channel does not work for it. I can only hear sound from the left channel with headphones. I changed LF353 and NEC D6376 but it had no effect. How to correctly diagnose the card in order to understand …

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