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Re: 486svg0x4

in DOS
with DX2-66 it seems to work. I am using speedsys, is the memory bandwith not too low(31Mb vs usualy i see 70MB with other mobo)? I have folowing Problem now: -does not start with one double sided 72 edo ram (32M) -does not start with two singe sided 72p ram (2x16M) -it oly starts when I fit 30pins …


in DOS
Hi, I have motherboard above with 4x4Mb Ram. I have tried with DX4-100 (Intel and Amd version) and it performs very badly. Norton speedtest gives 66points. (DX2-66 hits 133 on other mobo). I have also tried with DX2-66 and I got 33points. Speedsys shows 10Mb memory bandwith, I think it is very low …

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