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Re: Jurassic War multiplayer

After ton of testing, what works the fastest is. 1.Setting connectivity to modem instead of nullmodem on both machines over the conf file: serial1=modem 2.launching the game on both machines. 3.Setting the modem inside the game for both machines. > Multyplayer Game > Com Setting COM1 Buad Rate: 9600 …

Re: Jurassic War multiplayer

Hey, Me and my buddy are trying to run Jwar online in a remote(External IP) connection but it seem to lag really bad. Our configuration: SERVER: serial1 nullmodem port:5000 txdelay:0 rxdelay:0 CLIENTS: serial1 nullmodem server:*IP* port:5000 txdelay:0 rxdelay:0 Any new fixes for the Lagging issue …

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