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My wife has a old pc retirement policy.

If you would ever like something like that pc you mentioned I can help you out, as I have kind of a fleet of those being a pc store owner and longtime gamer. I love Dosbox and have the opposite problem space wise. I even have a 286-12 that runs wavetable hardware sound under win3.1 in standard mode …

Re: Favorite ISA Sound Cards

I dont know if this is the right place for this but I have about 15 ISA Awe64 golds at my store waiting for new homes. Not that dosbox users are gonna really want them. 😀 For me it was the first time I got the Awe32 to use soundfonts with extra ram

Re: Virtual PC rumour

Speculation is all well and good but like the man said if backwards compatibility isnt upto what users received with their ps1/ps2 transition M$ will have problems if they make compatibility a selling point.

AGP Voltage ?

This is for yanker. I own a pc store and have done the kind of upgrade you are looking for hundreds of times. The best match for you is probably going to be Nvidia based because of its simplicity. Likely an inexpensive fx5200 is your best bet as it wont require you to even worry about the AGP …

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