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Re: 3Dfx Voodoo 2 SLI Black screen

→ your OP said you disabled SLI in the control panel - but you also tested by physically removing? Yes, I tried by physically removing each one of them. in any case, the only thing I'm 100% certain about is connecting the passthrough to both cards should NOT be required, either that is indicative of …

Re: 3Dfx Voodoo 2 SLI Black screen

Hello maxtherabbit. Thank for your quick reply! you sure they are working under directx? How do you know it's not the ATI rage providing the DX support? It's easy to choose the card under 3DMark 99. I benchmarked both Rage and Voodoo 2, results are complety different. That's why I can say SLI is …

3Dfx Voodoo 2 SLI Black screen

Hello guys! Since one week I'm stuck with my 3Dfx Voodoo 2 SLI setup on my AMD K6 under Win98SE. I have two Diamond Voodoo 2 12MB. They work fine under DirectX 6/7 (Tested in 3D Mark 99 1024x768 ✓) but as soon as I try to use Glide things becomes... dark. I just got a black screen with the app …

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