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Re: Quake GOG music

The pc doesn't like the cds that I've tried to burn AT ALL. When I put one in, the computer freezes or becomes excruciatingly slow until I remove the cd from the drive. There is a connection between the sound card and the drive. Other games that use cd music like Hexen and Blood work perfectly. My …

Re: Quake GOG music

If you are using a clean unaltered version of Quake on W98, "technically" it only supports AUDIO from a physical CD. it will not play from any "folder". However, you can patch the Quake executable: https://www.play-old-pc-games.com/compatibility-tools/_inmm-dll-tutorial/ (not sure if this patch and …

Re: OpenGL DirectX to software wrapper?

in Windows
Actually the Blade3D is a real 3d accelerator and does DX6 and GL and can do about 25fps in Quake 2 GL. There is no reason to try and use a wrapper with this, as that would actually make it even slower, since your doing an extra layer of processing with the API's, that is not necessary. The Blade3D …

Re: Amiga - better graphics because of worse monitors?

The commodore 1080, 1084, and 1902 were all digtal RGB monitors, but also had analog composite. They were superior to almost any computer monitor at the time and able to display 640x480. With an Amiga you would be connecting via the digital connection 9 Sub connection. This blew away everything else …

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