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Re: Sound Blaster CT1600 overheating

To be honest, I don't think all three are defective at once. It is possible but unlikely. There must be another reason. Especially since it also affects different types LS244 and LS245. The only thing that suggests that all three have a defect is that they appear to be from the same manufacturer. …

Re: Sound Blaster CT1600 overheating

if these chips get extremely hot then there is some issue - maybe they are to blame or something else heatsinks will hide the problem for a while but it has the danger or reaching a point where a bigger damage will be done better find someone to replace the chips and have a look on the card IMHO …

Re: Broken Super(?) Socket 7 motherboard need help with identifying broken component

0 stands for 0 ohms You should be able to solder it shut Best I can see, that pad is set up in a T configuration to where you could put the link in one of three ways, or it ‘s meant to hold a link or a three legged component of some type, my bet is it’s set up as a switch, and that bridge is the …

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