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Re: Blinged Out Piii

Good looking computer! I've also had difficulty with bridge chip AGP cards... I found that some of these cards simply are faulty because the bridge chip fails, so maybe it's not your motherboard. I believe the fastest AGP cards that work under Windows 98 are the ATI Radeon X850 (XT and Pro). …

Re: Help with Voodoo 4 :(

Hello, I have a problem with my Evilking V4 4500, when I place it in the AGP in a correct way it doesn't work, but if I lift it up a bit yes. I was looking and saw that a capacitor was missing. Does anyone know which one to buy? Sounds like either the slot is dirty/corroded or the edge connector is …

Re: Compaq armada 1750

Well my Armada 1750 arrived today and had a nice surprise, it was an actual Compaq Company Asset, even has the gold asset tag still on it, even better the battery still holds a full charge. The whole machine in general is in excellent condition and Ive already loaded it up with Dos 6.22 and Win 3. …

Re: Quake 1 bots

in Windows
Doesn't the recent-ish Quake remaster have bots? How do they compare to the third party bots? The thing I didn't like about the Quake third party bots was that there was no in-game menu for adding/removing/modifying bots and their behaviour. It wasn't a total loss, as you could bind the bot options …

Re: Quake 1 bots

in Windows
Been a while but reaper bots come to mind, dude who made them went on to make the bots for Unreal Tournament. IIRC there is also a version for Quake II as well.

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