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Re: 4:3 vs. 5:4

konc wrote on 2022-04-16, 14:07: atom1kk wrote on 2022-04-16, 13:21: so as i understand 15 " tft would be the ony possible solution to get it in 4:3 ratio? 15" 1024x768 or the more rare and expensive 20" 1600x1200 are your best options i looked at ebay for 20 " tft and i can find some for …

4:3 vs. 5:4

Hi. I am using on my old machine a flat screen tft from 2008. But when i look at some games they look somehow compressed. I have measured my monitor and looked for the values in the Internet its seems that the ratio is 5:4. Also when i look for old tft monitors at ebay they seem all to have the 5:4 …

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