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Re: Sound Canvas comparison project

I have a Roland SC-880. It is the 19"rackmount unit. This is a full double GS module with a separate GM bank and CM64 emulation (also works for MT32 emulation). I have a full audio recording setup, so it would be trivial for me to get some high-quality FLACs bounced. I'm just glad that someone else …

Re: ATI Rage II+ vs SIS 6326

I have no idea what the clock speed on my GPU is. I have the FSB running at 100MHz, which is faster than the 90 at which it was running when I received the system. That is the highest that the limited BIOS would allow me to set. The BIOS offers no real information, and CPU-Z just confirms the fact …

Re: ATI Rage II+ vs SIS 6326

Hello everyone. I happen to have a K6_2 400Mhz machine, a Compaq, that has this SiS GPU integrated on an AGP bus. I think it is 2X AGP. I have 8MB of my main memory shared with the GPU. For 2D games, this GPU works GREAT in DOS. For 3D, it is not amazing. I am hooked up to a 640x480 monitor (27"), …

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