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Re: DOS32AWE - DOS/4G compatible DOS Extender with Sound Blaster AWEUTIL MIDI synthesizer support for Protected mode,V

georgel wrote on 2022-01-24, 18:52: You are free to debug, reverse, waste your time and effort and write your own utilities to solve your problems. They are not mine nor do I intend to provide further development on my projects published in this forum. You know why. Thank you very much for all the …

Re: Dreamblaster S2 - MT32 mode

Falcosoft wrote on 2022-01-18, 21:52: Until then you can try using Midier in DOS to switch to MT-32 mode and then some DOS games from the above list (maybe Monkey Island 1 would be the best since you already know how it sounds in MT-32 mode). Will do, thanks very much for all your help.

Re: Dreamblaster S2 - MT32 mode

Thanks so much for the continued responses! I had previously tried using playlists in the various DOS MIDI players and didn't find that to make a difference. I tried the new DosMidLt.exe with the test1.m3u and it did modify the instruments on the S2 in some way, but not in the way it's supposed to. …

Re: Dreamblaster S2 - MT32 mode

I made some progress in DOS. I tried GSPlay and it didn't work either, but then I tried Midier which did properly change to MT32 instruments in DOS! Unfortunately it seems to only apply within Midier. I can exit Midier, start it again and the MT32 changes are still intact, but if I use any other DOS …

Re: Aztech SG Nova 16E II | Gamepad disables midi

This solves my problem. I have an Aztech AT6800W modem soundcard combo which uses an AZT2320 and experienced the same issue. My CH Flightstick, Flightstick Pro, and SideWinder 3D Pro would all disable MIDI from my Dreamblaster S2 when connected. Use a Gravis Gamepad or Blackhawk though and MIDI now …

Re: Dreamblaster S2 - MT32 mode

I tested it with the The Secret of Monkey Island - MT32.mid as suggested and unfortunately I don't think it's working. It sounds the same before and after I run MT32.bat, and stays sounding the same if I run GM or GS batch files. The listed instruments also stay the same in DOSMID, the main theme …

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