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Re: Fog issue in FFXI

Ok, then if it can be reproduced on a private server at a given location, then I could look at it. Hi Dege, Thank you so much for looking into this. How can we communicate privately so I can give you details for the private server? EDIT: Please forgive my ignore. The problem wasn't dgVoodoo. It was …

Re: Fog issue in FFXI

Thanks! I've just fixed it. I remember somebody reported very similar fogging bug in FFXI. I hope it'll fix that as well. Just how can you be so talented? :D You're incredible, man! The FFXI fog bug still exists as of v2.75. I check back periodically to see if it was fixed. Shame because other than …

Re: Fog issue in FFXI

Dege wrote on 2022-01-05, 16:17: Thanks, I think I'll need that server if this issue gets reported again. Hi Dege, I'm using 2.77 and there is no fog anywhere in the game FFXI. Should I use 2.78? Thanks!

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