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Re: Which way to go - a dilemma

Hey Personally i ended up with c2d 8400 with 8800gt as my main xp machine . Its provide enough power to max out every game @60+ fps with aa & af till year 2006-2007 . If you want something less modern id stick with s478 late board and geforce 6800 and p4 presscott wich is good for overclock.

Re: Voodoo 3 build-advice needed .

Thanks for your replies . For SS7 im only have k6-2 400mhz which too slow to run nfs 5 . As for socket A , i do have 2 KT133 boards with isa slot presented on one of them plus 700 and 1000 mhz athlons in there. Seems like good option but there is issue with sb live so slot 1 is only reasonable …

Voodoo 3 build-advice needed .

Hello to all retro community . Recently i managed to find voodoo 3 2000 , so there is no question to build machine based on such a retro iconic card , question is what other parts better fit this build. According past reviews when it was actual card , it was tested on P-II 450/P-III 450 based …

HDD headache

Hello , Recently i've decided to use dedicated 1.2 GB fujitsu hdd for dos , everything went fine , it have been formatted and fdisked as it suppose to be . It was given three partitions 500-500-222 mb . But when i try to boot it loading red hat linux which hes been installed before . I belive there …

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