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Re: SCSI problems

weedeewee, I'm waiting for SCA to 68pin adapter. It's wide afaik. Then I'll retest everything, as I suspect that my drives are also don't work. But anyway, even the narrow ones should not work on that controller. Though connecting my Sony SDT also makes XL-221 complaining on cable :-/ Just want to …

Re: MIDIBox: Munt + Roland Sound VA + SYXG50

The Munt VSTi is available in 32 and 64 bit. Yeah, I found some information on that. Munt is available as VSTi, XG50 also has VSTi version, o I can use MIDILoop to create several ports and SAVIHost as a wrapper to connect dedicated port with dedicated synth. There are two remaining problems. As I …

MIDIBox: Munt + Roland Sound VA + SYXG50

It's very hard now to get all types of external MIDI synths that were used for gaming and listening to the music. The major ones are Roland MT-32 family, Roland SC-55/88 family and Yamaha XG family. But seems like we have emulators for all of them. Munt covers MT-32, Roland VA is a perfect solution …

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