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Re: Another Windows privacy breach

Not defending Microsoft at all here, but to clear up a lot of FUD that I've been noticing on various forums (not here, I don't think), I want to mention that this is only in WIndows for ARM that includes a specific Qualcomm chip. So, for most people, this isn't even a thing. It's still lame, though. …

Re: no impact live Linux distros

In the interest of going down the "ephemeral no-trace OS" rabbit hole, I think the idea of a computer with no HDD is interesting. Boot from USB created from an ISO (not a live USB), encrypt memory at boot, and then when the computer is powered off, nothing is recoverable. This would be useful in …

Re: Non-x86 Systems: They are pulling me back in, do you guys also hear the call?

@StriderTR - hot damn that’s impressive! Regarding old non-x86 tech, yeah, I can sympathize. I have a decent collection of Amigas. I also have an Atari ST, Apple IIGS, tons of old other Apple and Mac hardware, some FM Towns stuff, the list goes on. The cool thing is that hardware mods for these are …

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