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Re: No MIDI and DirectSound (Win 98SE)

have you tried cpuspd? CpuSpd - A Hardware Based CPU Speed Control Utility for DOS/Win9X Retro Gaming if i remember the -t switch is what you want. value should be 1-16 (slow-fast) for a via 686a/b southbridge. i think acpi should be enabled in the bios if it's not already on by default.

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

Well that's actually good news. And I have good news too. I got my Windows 98 box setup and ran into the same issues you did. I don't have an easy way to compile for Windows 98, but I know libglib has older binaries that do work on windows 98. I don't know the newest version that will work, but I …

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

so i haven't quite given up getting ece working under win9x. awhile back i tried compiling with mingw and got a working ece build, but could never get fluidsynth working. well, i found a libfluidsynth v1.1.6 dll with glib dependencies stripped out and it works under win98se! so if you take the last …

Re: No MIDI and DirectSound (Win 98SE)

this page is a great resource for compatible directx versions: http://falconfly.3dfx.pl/directx.htm the kt133 should be a great candidate for acpi slowdown utilities under dos and windows. the 686 southbridge will give you 16 increments of very smooth slowdown. i can get my 1.7ghz athlon down to …

Re: Driver for generic Aztech FCC ID:I38-MMSN853

the entire aztec ftp site with drivers for all isa soundcards is archived on vogonsdrivers.com; however, if i remember correctly win98se ships with wdm drivers for the azt2320 that automatically install straight out of the box. if you go this route the windows kernel handles all the sb pro emulation …

Re: ESS Audiodrive "Eagle E688+968" driver issue

i prefer unisound for my es688. it's one of the few cards that works with the /nopnp switch. all you have to do is set a blaster environment variable before running unisound. the es968 pnp chip (missing on my card) may complicate things for you, but if you can disable pnp by jumper i don't see why …

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