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Re: Starfield is released

Comparing different fruits here really. To each their own. Starfield could have been built a bit better, considering it's engine has been around for so long. Larion just threw more polish and DnD systems on to the DOS2 engine. Both are the best achievements so far from each studio. I like both more …

Re: Windows 11 CPU requirement removed?

in Windows
I'll put another vote in for Explorer Patcher. The only issue I have had with it is, sometimes after a windows update, the symbols for Explorer Patcher need to be reacquired and the application restarted. Occasionally this means I need to hit task manager and restart it manually after rebooting from …

Re: What makes (or made) WinME so horrible?

I like ME. I like the style of icons used for it and 2000 the best. The only issue I had with it recently was that it installed the wrong driver for default for one of my sound cards, I think my Santa Cruz. The driver wouldn't let the system boot once it initialized. For me, it's smarter to dual …

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