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Re: Feature for screen scaling?

Hello jmarsh, thank you! I had looked into the DOSBox manual where these options aren't mentioned in detail. But after googling "windowed mode", I got several other sources: https://www.dosgamers.com/dos/dosbox-dos-emulator/screen-resolution https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15944089/how-to- …

Feature for screen scaling?

Hello, I hope this category is acceptable for a feature suggestion. As far as I can see, DOSBox offers two options for display resolution or screen size: original (1:1) and full-screen. When playing on my older Thinkpad, that's fine. But when playing on my desktop PC with 27" hi-res-display, then " …

Su 25 : Soviet Attack Fighter steering

in DOS
Hello, has somebody any good advice for the best way to steer the plane? The 1990 game Su25 from Electonic Arts has a great flair, but a bad reputation for an over-sensitive steering. I tried it with keyboard, mouse (hi-res and normal setting) and Joystick (Gravis Thunderbird on a USB-gameport- …

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