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Re: Happy Easter!

Maybe not that specific song in particular, but somehow recently I like to explore very old recordings: from the 20s, 30s, 40s (at most 50s) — which I actually never was listening to earlier ago. I mean jazz/pop/blues music before the advent of rock'n'roll era.

Re: FreeDOS won't boot without CD

in DOS
How can I get freedos to boot without the cd? I also had similar problem; perhaps my solution will work for you: first format your SD card in Windows using defaults for that card. No, don't select „FAT32” or anything else — just in that little window click the button described „use default values” …

Re: Anybody still coding for DOS/Win16/Win32?

That's why it is better to use free software and open source libraries for projects like this. FreeDOS 1.3 ships with a version of DJ GCC version 4.7.1 (form 2012) and the WatcomC compiler 1.9 from 2002. Also XPL0 may be worth trying: XPL0 is similar to Pascal and C. Although not mainstream, over …

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